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Monday, 9 December 2013

Facebook Badness

As an infosec company we don't tend to blog about Facebook scams such as "Free £100 Tesco voucher" or "Apple is giving away 1000 iPads because the boxes are scuffed" - surely a new box is cheaper + we'd be here all day tracing them!

However, this one peaked our interest as it is something that could just as well affect a company as an individual. This is pretty much a classic phishing exercise with a bit of social engineering thrown in for good measure, it's quite well executed though so on with the details..

I had a private Facebook message from a family member come through which cc'd a number of other family members/friends. This is what the message looked like (blurred to protect the innocent!):

Alarm bells started ringing; a PM with a generic message along with a URL shortened using "t.co" which is a classic obfuscation technique.  The "Facebooky" looking thumbs up adds a certain amount of credibility as it was posted by another family member, surely they can be trusted, right?